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Whilst the Lem and Rumohr families had private tutors for their children, the other children in the village attended school every other day. The first school was found by “Kvednhushaugen”, close to Nyborg. A new school  was built in 1961-62, right next to the farm of Stølen on Flata.  The school house was owned by the municipality of Lærdal until 2017, when Vilhelm Rumohr took over the building.


The transport company Fylkesbaatane began their first route in Sogn in 1858. After a bit of pressure from the landowner of the estate, it made a stop at Frønningen. This made trade possible, as well as the exchange of post and telegrams. The post and telegram office was in the main house until 1965.The post office was closed down in 2003, but Frønningen still keeps its postal code 6855.

In 1973 a ferry harbour was built, what made life easier. In the winter there are ferry connections three times a week,  in the summer season there are several departures a day. The ferry also deals with the post.

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