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Frønningen offers fishing facilities both in the Sognefjord and in fresh water. In the fjord, you can catch cod and pollack (European pollock), as well as a lot of other kinds of fish – but fishing in the fjord requires patience, as you are competing with harbour porpoise (killer whales), seals, otters, and sometimes even orca, who feed on the fish. In the summertime, shoals of mackerel also swim through the fjord. Using trammel nets can be effective. A considerable quantity of crabs and lobsters are caught here, too. In June and July salmon, as well as sea trout can be observed along the shore.

There are quite a few natural lakes on the Frønningen plateau, where trout fishing has gradually improved. At Frønningenvannene , 700 metres above sea level, fish are actively cultivated to increase the size of the fish.  You can access the area by a forest road. This is a nice area for fishing – either from a kayak or a boat but also from the land, with waders if you prefer. At the top of the forest, just before you reach Bleia, approximately 900 metres above sea level, there is a little plateau called Slompen. The area is picturesque, with a nice fishing lake. You can also fish in the river Sagelven. 

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