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For centuries the grand pine forest at Frønningen was the most important resource in the village. Today, its value lies in its hunting game more than its timber. When the saw mill was closed down in 1997, it was time to think differently about the exploitation of resources. Several buildings were then restored, and measures were taken to improve the grazing lands of the (red) deer. Work is currently being done to improve the network of roads in the forest – to the benefit of both forestry machines and hunters. The planning of timber felling is done with great consideration for both game and hunters. At Frønningen there are also areas which are usually not used for hunting, in order not to disturb the deer during the mating period. Here, roaring is frequently heard.

As the forest has grown, various small game such as capercaillie, black grouse and hare can be found here. An increasing number of hunters come to Frønningen to hunt small game, often combined with deer hunting. Typical of Frønningen is the great variety of terrain, ranging from plains to steep mountain sides. Most people prefer to hunt on the flat terrains, but increasingly more people are also attracted by the more spectacular and wild parts of the area.

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